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Reviews for Dr. Jessica Paige

What Our Patients Say…

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Dr. Jessica Paige patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

In Health, Dr. Jessica Paige

Excellent Doctoring

Wow, Dr. Paige was fabulous. Because of my physical limitations, she had to adjust me sitting up, and still, it was the most gentle adjustment I have ever had, very effective. She listens well and…….. the first visit and I am truly impressed, especially with her skills of tailoring the work and adjustment to my needs. Excellent doctoring services and I am looking forward to continuing to be ministered by her.

~Sandy D.

Smiling man


Appreciates Active Recovery Methods

About a month ago, I came into Dr. Paige’s office with hip flexor and knee pain on my right side. I had a heavy training schedule with running my first marathon and 50k within a month of each other. I saw Dr. Paige speak at a local event and thought that she would be a great fit for helping me recover. I’ve been pleased with the program that she has me on and her thoroughness during each session. We’ve been working on strength training and slowly adding back in the miles. I like that Dr. Paige comes from an athletic point of view and is a believer of active recovery methods. As a runner, I appreciate that she encourages me to develop my strength while recovering.


Understands Athletes and How to Treat Them

Man and woman looking at camera


Man receiving trophy at competition


My name is Dean Askanas and I’ve been training and competing in Karate for 43 years. Also in that time I’ve competed extensively in boxing and weightlifting. As a result of the training and competing I’ve accumulated quite a few aches and pains. A few years ago I started getting stiffness in my hips and shoulders. I heard about a treatment called Active Release Therapy. I did some research and came across Dr. Jessica Paige’s name. I started seeing her for treatment on a weekly basis and my shoulder and hip pain have almost disappeared as a result of her treatment. Recently I’ve developed osteoarthritis in both knees. Again I started seeing Dr. Jessica Paige for Active Release Therapy in my knees. I’m glad to say that as a result of beginning treatment with her again, a lot of my knee stiffness is beginning to subside. Dr. Jessica is an athlete herself and she understands what athletes go through and how to help them. She gets my very strong recommendation for helping people with muscle and joint pain.

~Dean A

I Couldn’t Be Happier

Photo of Patient, Joni


There’s no better chiropractor than Dr. Jessica! I began seeing her 8 years ago and would not have survived my back and kidney pain without her knowledge and compassion. The care and concern she provides to her patents is exceptional and she continually strives for ways to improve upon our well-being. The new low-level laser she recently added has helped lighten the dark pigmented skin on my lower calves and I couldn’t be happier. I am fortunate to have met such an intelligent doctor and have her be a part of my wellness team!


Very Caring, Compassionate, and Intelligent



I have been with Dr. Jessica for 3 years now and she has done so much more for me than any medical professional ever has. She TRULY cares about my health and well being. She has tested and brought to light to food allergies that cause me to not feel my best, balanced my nutrients, clears my congestion issues and adjusts me in many ways. I want to share my most recent medical issue and the miraculous treatment Dr. Jessica gave to me. I was suffering with a very odd pain that was literally taking my breath away. It was a stabbing pain under my left shoulder blade about mid-way down my back. I emailed her and she got me in that day. Somehow, I had managed to get a rib out of place and she pretty much knew that right away. I begged her to help me, I was in so much pain that a simple task of twisting to just wipe my bum was such a challenge and breathing was painful as well. She first used her Erchonia low level laser to bring down some of the inflammation, then she adjusted with her activator, did some ART and I felt the release right away. (I hear it too) I was so relieved after that first visit it, was amazing. At my next appointment I mentioned that I felt better but had a little residual pain in the area, so she lasered me again and I was 100% free of pain right then. Seriously 100% no pain at all. No words can express the gratitude I have for such a caring, compassionate, and intelligent doctor, but what I can say is that whether I have a stuffy nose, or a rib out of place, Dr. Jessica Paige is my first call, and she is all I ever need. With all my heart, I thank you Dr. Paige for making me a better person in so many ways. ~Kricket

Felt Better After The 1st Visit

Dr Paige was great in explaining everything. Her philosophy of treating the whole body and not just the symptoms is exactly what I was looking for. The technology she uses to assess people is pretty amazing, and completely noninvasive. I felt better after just the 1st visit! ~Maureen N.

Thoughtful And Individualized Care

Photo of patient Grant C.

Grant C.

As a long-term chiropractic patient, I came to Dr. Paige several years ago after leaving a “crack’em and move on” doctor. Thoughtful individualized care was so much better. Many years in law enforcement left my lower back a mess due to the gun belt. Now in retirement, I still benefit from my weekly sessions. A few weeks ago I came in and had a brace on my right wrist. I had been doing yard work and strained a tendon. A trip to my general medical clinic had me in the brace with no using my wrist, but still in pain. Dr. Paige then worked on me and began Active Release Treatment and my wrist felt so much better after the first visit. After just two visits, I was at 90% better. The best part was I only missed one day golfing with my group! ~ Grant C.

I Healed So Quickly



I came to Dr Paige after breaking my clavicle and three ribs in a cycling accident. As an avid cyclist, taking time off the bike means losing fitness. With this in mind, I went to Dr. Paige in hopes of accelerating my healing, but also maintaining fitness while healing. Dr Paige’s ART enabled both objectives. I was back on my bike in 5 ½ weeks, but just as importantly, I was riding a spin bike the week after the accident. Her technique and advice were invaluable in helping me heal. I healed so quickly, I was accused of having Wolverine Blood. I contend, it’s all Dr Paige and her ART…it gives you Wolverine Blood! ~ Brian

Dr. Paige Changed My Mind About Chiropractic Care

Bobbie E.

Bobbie E.

Before I started working for Dr. Paige, I swore I would never step foot in a chiropractor’s office again! I went to an event with my friend at a chiropractor’s office back in 2014, and I won a free massage. I was so excited that I won and could not wait until the day of my massage. The day of the massage came – I remember the therapist massaging deeply into my back. After enduring this for about 15 minutes, I finally spoke up and asked her not to press so hard, that it was hurting me. She didn’t listen and continued the deep tissue massage. The following days, I was really dizzy, nauseated, and my back hurt so bad. These feelings lasted throughout the day, and I had to call in sick to work. Even though she was not the chiropractor, I swore I would never go back to one again. I started getting monthly migraines around the time I turned 32. I usually got them 1-4 times a month. Since I started getting adjustments in December, my migraines have reduced to one time a month, sometimes two, but I have noticed a reduction. For those of you who get migraines, you know that it can be life altering. I would stay in bed for days at a time when the migraines would come on. In addition to the migraines, there would be nausea and dizziness. These symptoms have reduced as well. As a teenager, I was in multiple car accidents which lead to head traumas, but I was never treated for it. If I went to the doctor, I was given a quick look over and told I was fine. I had no idea that those accidents could have an affect on me later in life. As an adult I have had headaches, dizziness, stiffness in my neck, and my upper back was tight. Since I started receiving adjustments, these symptoms have reduced dramatically. As an active runner, it’s important to stay healthy, and take care of your body. Part of my wellness plan now includes adjustments which I never thought I would say. Had I known chiropractic care would help, I would’ve started sooner! I choose Dr. Paige because she is thorough, she listens, is positive, and is committed to finding solutions in a healthy way. ~Bobbie E.

Thank You Dr. Jessica Paige!!!

Rosa G.

Rosa G.

When I first came with Dr. Jessica, I was in pain of many parts of my body. I couldn’t walk well, it was hard for me to stand up, it was hard for me to move as one person normally does. I was afraid the treatment was going to hurt and I also thought it wouldn’t work. I was getting used to live in pain. I felt that was the way I was going to live the rest of my life. My sons and loved ones convinced me to get the chiropractic care I needed, and with doubts and fear I went to the doctor’s office and started the adjustments with Dr. Jessica Paige. I felt very different since the first adjustment. Almost immediately the pain wasn’t that strong any more. As time passed, I could move easily, I felt better, more energetic, and happier, I felt able again to do things I wasn’t doing because of the pain. One of my daughter’s-in-law recommended me Dr. Jessica. She has been a patient for several years, and she told me Dr. Jessica is a great doctor. I can see that now. Dr. Jessica is very nice, kind, and cares about people. She is sensitive to our needs. I felt very well taken care of. I strongly recommend Dr. Jessica. I appreciate everything she has done to help me get rid of the pain. She is the best! ~Rosa G.

Great and Customized Treatment

I have been a proud patient of Dr Jessica Paige for nearly five years. Dr. Jessica has provided my infant daughter and I with a variety of treatments, advice, and support–and she’s done it all with a smile. Dr Jessica and her staff are the best! I never received such great and customized treatment at other chiropractors. I look forward to my appointments and will remain a patient indefinitely. Thanks, Dr Jessica and staff. ~Scott L.

Getting The Right Treatment Has Changed My Life

Ivalo Testimonial

Ivalo L.

I had terrible pain in my neck and back due to a car accident I was in last year, and getting the right treatment has changed my life. My husband and his family have been going to Dr. Jessica’s office for years, and after the accident they recommended her to me. Jessica has done an amazing job helping me feel better with regular chiropractic visits. I really enjoy getting the adjustments not only because of the relief of pain, but also because she makes me feel comfortable and in good hands. ~Ivalo L.

Stellar Immune System


Lauren D. Has a stellar immune system.

I came to Dr. Jessica in July 2016 with acute back pain. At 61, I thought it was normal that I could barely move. I chose Dr. Jessica because she works holistically with the whole musculoskeletal system. Since starting a Wellness Plan in July, my hips/gait are the straightest in 20+ years, my back pain is gone, range of motion in my neck is almost perfect, and best yet, my immune system is stellar: I have COPD and all around me are falling to the chest crud, yet in spite of close contact and care taking I remain healthy, and energized. ~Lauren D.

I Have a Doctor I Can Trust

Dr. Paige has, through Chiropractic care and ART, fixed chronic pain in my shoulder, relieved nerve related pain from a work injury, managed acute muscle pain. My sports and work related ailments have been reliably treated, and I have experienced true rehabilitation, as well as renewed energy, and better sleep. I have a doctor I can trust. I have started sleeping reliably and no longer suffer from the pain caused by old, chronic sports injuries. I am a better, more active person because of Dr. Paige’s care. Dr. Paige listens to me. Her office is a very welcoming place. Most of all the care I receive at Dr. Paige’s office works. My results are real. I wish Dr. Paige was a Dentist too! ~James S.

Freed of the Chronic Pain

Ariana T.

Ariana T.

For the last year and a half, I had been dealing with chronic ear pain and headaches with no resolve. I had been to several specialists who all told me there was nothing wrong with my ears after being put on many strong medications which only caused more pain. The last diagnosis I received was that I may have TMJ, and they could offer me classes on management as they don’t actually treat it. After researching online, I found that dentists can diagnose TMJ and made an appointment for checkup. Interestingly enough, the dentist told me that chiropractors treat TMJ. I immediately called Dr. Jessica’s office to make an appointment. On my first visit, Dr. Jessica was instantly able to relieve some of the pain and pressure I was feeling. She gave me some daily exercises to do in between appointments, which I followed precisely, and the results were amazing. After a few short weeks, I was freed of the chronic pain and have felt a big difference in my daily life because of it. I only wish I had known about chiropractic care as an option sooner! I am not usually one to go to the doctor for anything unless absolutely necessary since most doctors remedy your ailments with medications, but chiropractic care offers an alternative to healing that is more attuned to my needs as a patient. I used to see Dr. Jessica when I was in high school, and she really helped me then, and I knew she’d be able to help me now! ~Ariana T.

Can Enjoy An Active Lifestyle


Kathleen A. enjoys an active lifestyle

“It was by chance, I became Dr. Jessica’s patient back in October 2014. I was ailing with tennis elbow, and my taking care of it just was not working. I had never heard of Active Release Therapy (ART) until my workout coach mentioned it. I did a search on the Internet and found Dr. Jessica’s website. She was ART certified and close to my home. And so our Doctor / Patient relationship was established. With my commitment to my bi-monthly spinal adjustments and occasional need for ART ensures I am at my best in wellness and can enjoy an active life style. I choose care at this office because of Dr. Jessica’s enthusiasm and dedication to her profession, as well as her taking time in getting to know you on a personal level. ~Kathleen A.”

Taken the Time to Talk With Other Doctors About My History

Amanda W.

Amanda W.

“Since I see Dr. Jessica a lot in the office, I have many stories, but the one I would like to share is that she is a very caring person, that has helped me with a chart history so I could let the neurologist know what I was eating, daily activity and sports history to see if we could come up with possible triggers for my migraines. After going to Dr. Jessica each week for a long period of time she has helped my manager my migraine’s, taught me how to eat healthier, exercise better, and be more aware of what I do in my daily life. Also, she has taken the time to talk with other doctors about my history and migraines. Done research on a large number of medication that the doctors wanted to put me on and other nature vitamins that would work better than the medications. All of this extra help has made it easier to manage my migraines and attend school on a more regular basis. Thank you Dr. Jessica for always being there for me. Dr. Jessica is a valued family friend and she has been able to give me relief with my constant migraine headaches and is always looking for other ways to help reduce the symptoms and triggers for my migraine’s. ~Amanda W.”

Chiropractic extends beyond the Back

Kathy H.

Kathy H.

After years of constant itching, rashes, and infections, eczema seemed inevitable. Specialists blamed the usual culprits – “just stress,” “not enough lotion,” “genetics,” “allergies too difficult to avoid.” I was miserable on steroids that offered little relief and no long-term solutions, until I mentioned it to Dr. Paige and discovered chiropractic care extends beyond the back. She shows compassion, listens closely, and coaches a holistic approach customized for me. Through adjustments, supplements, a diet overhaul, and the accountability and support of biweekly appointments, I’m experiencing relief and healing I never imagined possible! ~Kathy H.

My Best Chiropractic Experience in 15 Years Of Treatment By Other Chiropractors

This was my best chiropractic experience in 15 years of treatment by other chiropractors the doctor was patient, listened to my ailments and her adjustments were very effective. Might first treatment has me feeling better than I have after 12 months of treatment by other professionals, and they deal with my insurance company, oh what a relief that is. ~Tom L.

Dr. Jessica puts the “art” in ART

Rebecca M.

Rebecca M.

Dr. Jessica improved my quality of life leading to better athletic performance in a way I never thought possible. For several years, I have experienced neck and lower back pain, and numbness in my right hand. As a cyclist, all three of these issues diminished my motivation to cycle regularly and pursue more challenging performance goals. At first I thought my neck and lower back pain was from too much sitting as a fulltime doctoral student. I thought the numbness in my right hand was a symptom of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, maybe due to spending too much time keyboarding and too much writing. One of Dr. Jessica’s current patients insisted I make an appointment, and I resisted for a few years. When I hear the word “Chiropractor,” I think of having my neck and back “cracked.” I have learned that the proper term is to be “manually manipulated.” After finally seeing a Chiropractor out of desperation who performed manual manipulation, I was again referred to Dr. Jessica for a second opinion; I gave in. Dr. Jessica is now my #1 go-to Chiropractor whom I trust without hesitation. Read more»

I never thought I would say this. Dr. Jessica uses a unique Active Release Technique (ART) that, in my opinion, requires not only current academic knowledge and professional experience, but a skillful hand that she has, sensing the irregularities in my body that were troubling me. For the first time in years, I had NO neck pain in a recent 40+ mile bike ride that included hill climbing! Further, Dr. Jessica suggested that I take B-Complex for the numbness I was experiencing in my fingers, wrist, and forearm. My hand numbness is steadily dissipating. In fact, my hand did not go numb at all while shifting gears on the same 40+ mile bike ride! My lower back is a little more challenging, but it, too, is improving (I served for 12 years in the U.S. Army and that alone is enough to cause back pain). Working with Dr. Jessica is a partnership: she treats me in her clinic, provides me with personalized exercises to do at home, and instructs me to ice regularly. This allows me to be proactive in my recovery. It is also an educational process for me. I asked Dr. Jessica what caused the misalignment of my back and neck. She answered honestly with “life!” This is so true. The good news for me is, there is no surgery involved (I have already had 3 sports-related surgeries) and no medication required. Equally amazing is that her treatment improved other issues I had: sinus congestion, migraine headaches and insomnia. I am no longer taking decongestants and headache medicine. I ice my neck and back in place of taking ibuprofen. And by getting a better night’s sleep, my body rests and recovers for the next day’s challenges (e.g., “life”). At the time of this writing, I am training for my first time trial. I can now focus on my performance rather than my pain. I tell Dr. Jessica every time I visit her how she transforms a clinical practice into a holistic art form. I find that she puts the “art” into ART!

~Rebecca Munoz-Smith

Went Home Greatly Relieved Of Pain

My initial hope for this first appointment was mostly that Dr. Jessica and I become acquainted, and that she would be able to get a handle on my pain in order to provide some help in subsequent visits. Instead, I went home greatly relieved of pain, with better range of motion, a customized exercise program for long term help, and an understanding of what to do/not do. Will be back for ongoing Wellness program, that’s for sure! ~Lauren D.

Improved Quality of Life


Deb S.

To say that I am pleased with the care I received at Dr Jessica’s office is an understatement! Not only has she greatly increased my quality of life by expertly addressing my chiropractic issues, her extensive knowledge of athletics has proven to be an added bonus in my care! I am able to run, hike, swim and surf, all without pain!! Thanks for doing what you do, Dr Jessica!! You’re the best! ~Deb S.

Relief From Injuries

Dr. Jessica Paige patient, Melvina

Melvina P.

How chiropractic care helped me recover from a knee injury sustained while playing basketball. After the injury, I was on crutches and my knee was very swollen. I had visited my doctor who told me to stay off of my knee to let it recover. My knee continued to stiffen and the swelling was not going down. Two days after visiting my doctor, I went to Dr. Jessica’s office. At the end of the session, I walked out of her office carrying the crutches! I continued to get better every day by following Dr. Jessica’s recommendations. When I went for a follow up visit with my doctor he was amazed at the progress and wanted to know what I had been doing. Read more»

After the injury, I was very down, given the fact that I have always been active, playing basketball and running four times a week on a treadmill. After the injury, I felt that all of these activities would no longer be possible. Dr. Jessica helped with my recovery and provided guidance on what I needed to do to strengthen my knee going forward. I had a previous experience with Dr. Jessica; she was part of a wellness campaign provided by my employer. She was very knowledgeable, and afterwards I went to her office for a chiropractic evaluation. At that time, I was having some hip problems and she suggested some warm up exercises that could help prior to playing basketball. Should I encounter any additional injuries I will not hesitate to return to Dr. Jessica’s office. I would also recommend Dr. Jessica to all of my friends and relatives.

~Melvina P.

Feeling Better Already

I am excited to have been referred to Dr. Jessica. It is not at all what I was expecting in a good way! Can’t wait for the next visit. My body already feels different and it’s only been a few hours since my first adjustment. ~Rachele W.

I Feel Like They Truly Care

Both Dawn and Dr. Paige were extremely attentive, encouraging and accommodating. Any question or concern I had was answered fully, and I left my first and each subsequent visit feeling physically better and with a sense that they truly care about both my health and my ability to live a healthy life. ~ Brittany C (May 21/13)

“My Energy and Strength are Back!”

I came to see Dr. Jessica at a physical low point in my life. I had chronic back pain due to my weight and it was getting worse. I was full of fear and stressed out at the condition my body was in.  First of all, Dr. Jessica took my fear away, she listened very clearly to everything I had to say, and came up with a plan to heal me.  I am now completely rejuvenated. The treatments on my spine are working, the pain is less each week. I have changed my diet, and am exercising every day with reachable goals that increase at just the right amount.   She has designed my exercise program perfectly, hitting the target areas with precision. We discussed food and vitamin choices that make sense. She has completely motivated me towards a better, healthy lifestyle. I cannot thank you enough Dr. Jessica! P.S. Dawn, Dr. Jessica’s assistant, is awesome too.  She has a total positive energy and makes you feel comfortable the moment you walk through the door. Five stars!!!!!

Less Chronic Pain

Katie Young

Katie Young

I have always been hesitant about chiropractic care do to having severer Scoliosis in my lower spin, but in May of 2012 after being told by several health professionals that an injury to my neck and shoulder was not going to fix itself and needed a Chiropractor I found myself meeting Dr. Jessica. My first visit alone proved that everything I had feared over the years has been for nothing. Over the past several months Dr. Jessica has proven to me that I do not have to live with ongoing pain, that with routine care, I am able to live the life I want, not the life my pain restricts me too. read more»

I was referred to Dr. Jessica by health professionals I trust, mostly because they also worry about my Scoliosis and said that Dr. Jessica had experience working with patients with similar conditions. I have chosen to stay with Dr. Jessica because she pays attention to my concerns and is willing to work with me, and walk me though each procedure making sure I am conferrable before she proceeds. She has also made life altering suggestions about my care and conditions and has always resulted in less pain, but she is upfront and honest with me about what I have to do to make the results stick. I look forward to working with Dr. Jessica throughout my current pregnancy and afterwards as I return to the sports I so dearly love, and for the first time in my life I am confident that I will be able to perform at a higher level as I take them head on with less chronic pain. Katie Y.

Help with Osgood Slaughter

West Valley San Jose patient testimonial

Jessica Hecker

My name is Jessica Hecker and I am 13. A couple years ago I found out I had a knee condition called “Osgood Slaughter”. Because of this I had to quit gymnastics and diving, where I was competing at State and Regional Levels. I tried physical therapy, acupuncture, and Podiatrists. Nothing worked. read more»

Jessica H. training for marathon

Jessica is training for a marathon now.

Dr. Jessica has helped me a lot. I now can do a lot more things than I could before. I am now training to run a marathon.Before Dr. Jessica I tried a couple other chiropractors but they were too rough, it didn’t help me. Dr. Jessica is an athlete so she knows the frustration I felt when I could no longer do my sports. Of all the chiropractors we contacted, Dr Jessica has more knowledge about sports medicine and combines it with her chiropractic work. She also showed me different strength training exercises that made a big difference. Jessica H.

My Chiropractic Story

I never thought that I would go to a chiropractor let alone write a testimonial about how wonderful I have found chiropractic care to be. I was completely skeptical, believing that only tradition medicine was legitimate and that chiropractic treatment was kind of a substandard, touch-feely type of service. read more»

The only reason why I came to see Dr. Jessica is because my daughter wanted to try chiropractic care for a back problem, and I wanted to give my daughter the opportunity to feel better. Since my overall opinion of chiropractors in general was low, I knew that I would not make an appointment for my daughter with someone that did not have a good reputation. I knew Dr. Jessica through lacrosse. I found her to be very genuine, intelligent and thoughtful in her approach to coaching young women. Since I knew her in her capacity as a coach, I trusted that her practice would be legitimate. My daughter started treatment and not only felt better, but started taking a more positive approach to her overall health. I felt that anyone that could incorporate a positive approach to health and body image with a teenage girl was someone that I could trust. My daughter referred me and I took advantage of the reduced cost for the health screen, still thinking that I would not find chiropractic care helpful. My opinion of chiropractic care changed dramatically after my first visit with Dr. Jessica. After my first treatment I felt relief in my back, neck and wrists. I also had the best night of sleep in my life after my first treatment. I am now two months into treatment and I feel better than I have in years. I was having some digestive issues and the adjustments to my spine have completely eliminated this problem. I would never have believed this could happen had I not tried chiropractic care. Dr. Jessica Paige and Dawn have also gotten me on a path to better health. I am paying much more attention to my diet, exercise, and sleep schedule. Now that I am feeling better overall, I want to maintain my level of health. I get the support I need to do this from both Dr. Jessica and Dawn. I can’t imagine anyone more skeptical than myself before I started treatment. Now I tell all of my friends how great I feel and how grateful I am that tried chiropractic care with Dr. Jessica. Kathy W.

At Dr. Jessica’s office a sense of calm, and relaxation rushes over you.

When you walk into Dr. Jessica’s office a sense of calm, and relaxation rushes over you. You are greeted with a warm smile from Dawn who welcomes you by name, and of course don’t forget Copa who is excited to see you as well! read more»

I have been receiving care from Dr. Jess for about six months now. Just recently I joined a woman’s indoor soccer team. My first day on the field I strained a muscle in my upper thigh, being the go- getter I am I continued to play in pain. After two weeks of strain on my leg, I decided to tell Dr. Jess about my condition, I didn’t think she could help me as this was not a bone that could be adjusted, but my muscle. Dr. Jess performed the Active Release Technique (ART) on my injured thigh. Applying pressure and stretching at the same time was just what my leg needed to release this horrible inflamed strained muscle. Almost instantly my leg felt better. With a little ice and one additional treatment of ART my leg was back to normal and the pain was gone! Who would of thought my chiropractor could help with a strained muscle. Dr. Jess has a wealth of information from diet and nutrition to allergies and sore muscles, you just need to share with her your symptoms and she will do her best at getting you to feel your best!! Kristen K.

Chiropractic has helped get me back on the path to a healthier lifestyle:

I want to share my success story with Dr. Jessica’s chiropractic care and her nutritional education for getting me back on the right path to a healthier lifestyle. When I came to see Dr. Jessica I knew right away this was going to be a totally different chiropractic experience. She treats the whole person with quality chiropractic care coupled with excellent health and nutritional guidelines. read more»

Dr. Jessica was able to educate me about proper nutrition and put it out there in a way I could really understand. I used to think I knew what I was eating, but I was wrong. I’m now healthier than I have been in a long time and feel great! Every time I visit Dr. Jessica’s office I’m greeted with friendly people, and learn something new about a health related topic – which is very cool. Just a big thanks to your team there. You’ve given me a great education on taking better care of myself, that’s huge. -Scott T.

Thanks to Dr. Jess, my life can be enjoyed again.

Those intermittent back problems can be addressed by Dr. Jess, and that life can be enjoyed once again. I was having a rough couple of days, after back strain, even putting on ones socks was a challenge. Dr. Jess was able to work her magic, within 3 days I was able to handle daily tasks and was back on the tennis court within 1 week of the problem. read more»

Because she seems to listen, and is willing to deal with the problem area (although sometimes momentarily unpleasant) she helps you get back on your feet. She is not quick to prescribe drugs, which (in my opinion) may just attack the symptom and not the real problem. A friendly office, with a true concern for your health needs. Not to mention, I like Copa (office mascot). Eloy R.

Chiropractic care is so much more than fixing my back.

I went to a chiropractor for the first time at age 17 after a bad car accident. This was all they were good for as far as I knew. Now as a 36 year old Mother and Athlete with a very active life style I am learning that chiropractic care is so much more than fixing my back. It fixes your entire self. I definitely know now that it is important for all aspects of me. read more»

I have been playing Soccer and Softball for 30 years. I don’t know when to take it easy and definitely don’t know when enough is enough. I am also a mother of a 6 year old. This has given me a real perspective of how precious life is. Well, in September of this year I went to a specialist, due to major continuous pain, and was told that I was games away from blowing out both of my Achilles tendons. I was told that I would be in two walking boots for 4-6 weeks, then 6 months of physical therapy 3 times a week, and then if that did not work I would have surgery on each tendon separately. This, I was told could end my soccer career and at best put me back on the field in 2 years. This was tough. I don’t know what life is like not playing. I play on 3 soccer teams and one softball team. This also meant I could not ride my Harley or most importantly jump on the trampoline and play with my Kid. This is when it really hit home. How could I look in that 6 year old face over the next couple years and say “sorry honey Mommy can’t play with you.” This is when I went to see DR Jess again. She asked me to let her help me. I have to admit I was nervous about taking advice from a chiropractor over a supposed specialist that has dealt with this over and over again. Well I have now been seeing DR jess for 1 month so far. Even though I still have a ways to go for full recovery I am amazed at the progress. I am not in pain every morning as I walk down stairs. I don’t have to hold on to the rail to go to bed. I went to my appt last week with Dr Jess on my Harley. Last week I was able to come home and see the smile on my sons face as I asked him to jump on the trampoline with me. And Tonight I get to participate in the Playoff game with my Softball team. With the help of DR Jess and her guidance I know I will be back into full swing of it all in no time. Thank you DR Jess for helping me get my life back and for helping me get back to being the mother I want and need to be. Dr Jess is more than a chiropractor. She is a Friend. She cares about the individuals. Even though sometimes she can have a very strong opinion, I am very confident in her and know she just wants us all to be the best we can be for us and our families. I would and do recommend her and Dawn to anyone. Tacy N.

Terrible cold healed through Chiropractic

Joe (who is 21 months old) had been suffering from a terrible cold that lasted for a couple of weeks and eventually turned into a persistent cough. I didn’t think to bring him in to see Dr. Jessica, though I’m quick to get in to see her right away when I feel a cold coming on myself. I know now I won’t hesitate to set up an appointment for him at the first sign of symptoms. read more»

Joe did very well with his adjustment. His cough and cold disappeared completely within 24 hours after his appointment with Dr. Jessica. He’s sleeping through the night again and back on a regular nap schedule. Thanks Dr. Jessica!

Thanks to Dr. Jessica and Dawn for their positive energy and awesome care.

Chiropractic works!

Josie refereeing a LaCrosse game

I honestly didn’t think chiropractic care would be that beneficial. However, years of playing sports and life in general, the aches and injuries have accumulated, and the recovery process takes longer. There were days where every time I took a step there was pain in my back. I was under the impression that I would just have to deal with it, and if it got worse take some pain killers. I chose care at Dr. Jessica’s office because I finally decided to make an appointment after months of stubbornness and procrastination. Needless to say, I should have taken her advice earlier. When I started chiropractic care it happened to coincide when I began getting assignment to referee fall ball (lacrosse) tournaments. Typically, after a day of running up and down the sideline, I’m barely walking the next morning. However, after the first couple of adjustments, I was shocked to wake up with no back pain. I’ve noticed an improvement in my overall sports performance, so thanks to Dr. Jessica and Dawn for their positive energy and awesome care. – Josie

Chiropractic has helped with more than the aches and pains.

Heather on the left.

Heather on the left.

There are many things I’d like to share but the most important thing is how good I feel. I used to think chiropractic care was about getting my back cracked every once in a while but with Dr. Jessica’s guidance, I’ve learned that there are many more benefits to be found in chiropractic care. Not only has Dr. Jessica helped me with all kinds of aches and pains, I consider her almost completely responsible for keeping my immune system strong enough to fight off the many bugs that have been going around my department for the past few months. I’m happy so say I am the only operator in my department that hasn’t called in sick this year (knock on wood). read more»

Since becoming a patient of Dr. Jessica’s in April of this year, my health has improved in ways I never expected. I used to experience headaches almost daily (as a 911 operator I considered it part of the job), now I can barely remember the last time I had a headache. Some time ago I injured my shoulder and it hasn’t been quite right since. Over the past 2 months Dr. Jessica has helped me re-hab my shoulder and it’s almost as good as new (or as good as a 37 year old athlete can expect). She’s even made me a better dressage rider by improving my posture and keeping my lower back strong and loose (loose is a good thing when riding dressage). Most surprisingly is the most recent ‘gift of health’ Dr. Jessica has given me. About a month ago I not only fractured my finger but damaged the tendons and ligaments. I thought it was healing fine but 2 weeks ago I started loosing sensation and noticed quite a reduction in my range of motion. I saw a specialist who recommended physical therapy and if that doesn’t work I’m surgery bound. The first available appointment for is Aug 17th. I told Dr. Jessica about my problem and she immediately began therapy on my finger. I’m happy to say sensation is returning and my range of motion is improving. I may even be healed before my first ‘official’ therapy appointment. I met Dr. Jessica at a fitness event and spent several minutes talking to her about health care in general. What can I say, everything she had to say just clicked with me. I made an appointment for an evaluation and I haven’t looked back. If I ever win the lottery I’m going to hire Dr. Jessica and Dawn as my personal health care team and take them with me everywhere I go. -Heather

Frozen Shoulder After Car Accident

My daughter and I were in a car accident in June of 2008. We were hit by a drunk driver on Hwy 87. Shortly after the accident I had great deal of fatigue and tightness in my neck. After several months of therapy my condition did not improved and the pain began to travel to my shoulder and right arm. On Mother’s Day I woke up with intense pain in my right arm and the following morning I couldn’t move it at all. read more»

I was diagnosed with “frozen shoulder” and the earliest appointment available was 2 weeks later. I was frustrated with Kaiser’s lack of urgency and frankly lost faith in their ability to cure me. I was in an incredible amount of pain and I couldn’t afford any more delays or the possibility of getting worse. The day to day activities like showering, brushing my hair and teeth, dressing, and driving were extremely difficult. I needed to get help quickly by someone who knew what they were doing. A couple of very good friends, the Cerritos and Bloyds, referred me to Dr. Jessica. She put together an intense treatment plan and after only a few appointments my range of motion and pain had improved tremendously. It was exciting just to be able to wash my hair again. The fatigue in my neck is nearly gone and I no longer have headaches. Thanks to Dr. Jessica I feel human again. I’ll admit that I was a little nervous about seeing a chiropractor. I had heard my share of horror stories, but decided to trust my friends who spoke so highly of Dr. Jessica. I’m so glad I did. Dr. Jessica is a very knowledgeable chiropractor and truly cares about the health and well being of her patients. -Anna

Knee and Back Pain plus Severe Headaches

Before I went to Dr. Jessica I was having a lot of knee pain, severe back pain and headaches. I couldn’t sleep or do normal activities. Only after a few treatments my headaches are gone. I can sleep through the night. And more importantly, I can walk around the mall now and sit and watch a movie without fidgeting too much =). Dr Jessica is the best! -Stephanie

Doug Bloyd

Doug Bloyd


My Chiropractic story:

My name is Doug Bloyd. On March 30, 2009 I was referred to Dr. Paige by our good friends the Cerritos. Ten days earlier I had strained a muscle in my neck and the headaches I was experiencing had become progressively worse, to the point where I could not even get out of bed on the 30th. I went to my general practitioner Doctor that morning and he prescribed me some heavy duty pain killers and another medicine to bring down my heart rate, that had been racing. read more»

I became desperate, because I did not want to take the medicine. I was in debilitating pain, but only 4 days away from competing in the American River 50 Mile Endurance Run. I had put over 8 months of training into preparing myself for the race and I knew that as soon as I took the prescription that there was no way I would be able to compete. The potential side effects from the medicine would have been far too risky. Four months earlier I had failed on my first attempt at completing a 50 mile run. That had left a really bad taste in my mouth, and now here I was just four days away from redemption, and this! I am new to chiropractic, but I knew I needed to explore another option. My wife called Dawn and Jessica and explained my situation and we were amazed when they told us that they would come in on Wednesday (their day off) to help me. Needless to say, Dr. Jessica did her magic and after just three treatments she had me toeing the line on April 4th. I am not fast, but I finished in 10:52:18, qualified for the Western States 100 lottery, and got one huge monkey off my back. THANK YOU DR. JESSICA. YOU ARE THE BEST!!! I could not have done it without you. -Doug B.

Limping for weeks

Limping for weeks

I Thought I’d be Limping for Weeks

I am on my feet all day long, and I mean all day long.. I work for PG&E as a Meter Reader. I walk at least 6 hours a day on sidewalks, mud, dirt, lawns, slippery bricks and uneven paths. Every day I have to step over trash bags, squeeze between fences and bushes, reach over to unlock gates, bend down to read gas meters, duck under clotheslines and, of course, face innumerable dogs. I also spend a small portion of my day driving to and from my routes. read more»

It is imperative that my body be at its best. Not only do I have to walk, but also stretch, reach, bend, lean and balance. This past summer I twisted my ankle. Luckily, I had an appointment to see Dr. Jessica within 24 hours of the incident. She adjusted my ankle, gave me instructions on icing and the next day – relief. It was amazing. I thought I’d be limping for weeks. By working with Dr. Jessica, I’m able to keep my body at its best considering all the circumstances of my life. By having her treat me regularly, she is able to keep in constant awareness of how my body is behaving. She knows immediately if something has changed and works with me on figuring out what’s going on in my life and how to adjust it for bettering my health. I can’t imagine what my body would be like without her and without regular adjustments. My attitude towards life is one of the best side effects of chiropractic care. -Linda M.

You have made a Tremendous Difference in my Life!

You have made a tremendous difference!

You have made a tremendous difference!

My story begins. One day I got out bed and had such excruciating pain in my lower back that I couldn’t even walk. I was desperate and very anxious. I knew I needed to see someone (health practioner) and fast! I had seen chiropractors in the past and had lots of faith in them. It had been a long time since seeing one (mainly do to insurance), but I knew it was time again to seek one out. So I had asked one of my health practioners for a recommendation and she referred me to Dr. Jessica Paige. read more»

I spoke with Dr. Jessica on the phone, gave me advice, and got an immediate appt., consultation, examination and begun treatment right away. After a few treatments I started to feel so much better. With regular treatment and the at home treatment she recommend, I was surely on my way to healing and recovery. I was out of pain and able to function again. It has changed my life because I not only can move around, walk and be without pain now, but chiropractic care has taught me how to care for myself and understand my body. It starts first with me. I now have awareness that diet, posture, stress, physical activity, etc. has such an impact on the alignment of my spine. Who would know? This all relates to “wellness”. A healthy spine means a healthy nervous system, a healthy immune system and ultimately a “healthy body”. I choose Dr. Jessica for so many reasons. She is knowledgeable, she listens, she is encouraging, she cares, she is honest, and she takes the time to work with you to embrace good health, she has such positive energy and most of all, she is competent at what she does. She is always striving to fulfill her patient’s needs. The office environment is very healing and warm. Love her contests too! I always look forward to going to see Dr. Jessica Paige. At times, I just don’t want to leave. The adjustments, bodywork, stim, and conversation arms me with the “mental and physical” strength to tackle the weekly challenges that life can bring. Thank you Dr. Jessica Paige. You have made a tremendous difference in my life. -L.S.

Chiropractic care provides short and long term benefits

The Benefits of care.

Mary Beth G.

Many people do not realize how important chiropractic care is for their overall health and wellness. 5 years ago I definitely was one of them. By incorporating chiropractic care into my health and wellness routine, I have been able to maximize my time and ability to stay in excellent shape and reach my fitness goals. read more»

Regular chiropractic care has helped me ensure that I stay consistent with my fitness routine. One of the most important ingredients to staying on track is consistency. If you are constantly taking “breaks” due to injury, then it is that much more difficult to reach your fitness goals. Incorporating regular chiropractic care has made sure I never miss a soccer game or a race event. From the first time I met Dr. Jessica’s I felt comfortable. It is crucial to have trust in your chiropractor and Dr. Jessica makes that so easy. She and her staff are extremely knowledgeable and professional. They believe in living a healthy lifestyle and practice what they preach. There are so many outside influences that change the way our body feels from one day to the next. Making sure you exercise regularly and incorporate chiropractic care will help achieve both your short term and long term goals of living a healthy and well balanced life. -Mary Beth G.

Chiropractic care has changed my life

Jill R

Jill R

In the beginning of my freshman year of high school to the end of summer, every time I would have to exercise heavily, running or that kind of workout my entire back would have excessive pain, and the only thing that would fix it temporarily was some sort of pain reliever. I didn’t want to put up with this any longer since I’m an active athlete, and took my mom’s advice to visit a chiropractor. read more»

I had first met Dr. Jessica when she gave a presentation to my soccer team. Chiropractic care has changed my life in a major way, and am very glad my back is getting better little by little every day. I enjoy my visits at her office because I always feel better afterwards. Through things I’ve learned from her I try harder to do things that will keep me healthy. Dr. Jessica is fun to be around and I like her dog, too! -Jill R.

I Wish I Had Visited a Chiropractor Years Ago!

Climbing Half Dome in Yosemite

Climbing Half Dome in Yosemite

I had been having neck pains for over 30 years. I went to see Dr. Jessica hoping to help neck and shoulder pain. Little did I know, after one treatment I stopped having migraines and haven’t had any since February 2008. I have had migraines for 40 years and I was getting them at least once a week. After a couple of treatments, I noticed my left bra strap wasn’t sliding off my shoulder any longer. read more»

The biggest change is that I am now migraine free after 40 years. My body feels great and my neck and shoulder pains are almost gone. I wish I had visited a chiropractor years ago. I went on a hike to the top of Half Dome in Yosemite. We hiked for 20 hours and during the hike I carried a 10 to 15 pound backpack. I never experienced any neck or shoulder pain during the hike. I believe I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this great adventure if it wasn’t for Dr. Jessica’s excellent care. She also came highly recommended by my boyfriend’s daughter. -Teresa P.

Chiropractic Gave me BACK my Life!

Barbara during a time trial

Barbara during a time trial

I was selling my ping pong table because I could not play any more. My hand and wrist had hurt badly for months, and no one had provided a solution. She came to pick up the ping pong table and asked me why I was selling it. I told her I could not shift gears on my bike or lift hay to the horses’ feeders, let alone play ping pong. She offered to work with it a bit, and did, on the spot. Her magic provided relief for the next 24 hours, and then I could hardly wait to see her again. Within a couple months, using A.R.T., my functioning was back to normal. read more»

It gave me BACK my life. I demand a lot of my body, and Chiropractic allows me to race my bikes and care for my rural property, horses and pets without wincing. Because she is the best. I travel 85 miles each way to see her, that is how highly I think of her. Present her with a symptom, she finds the cause, and then applies the solution. She is smart, personable, dependable, and so highly skilled that I would, and do, recommend her to anyone. It’s okay to expect a lot from Dr. Jessica… because she comes through for you. You only have one body, and one life in that body… so don’t let it hold you back from enjoying what you love in life!

Barbara with metals

Barbara with metals

But she won’t give you back your Ping Pong table.

Barbara riding.

Treatment Has Provided Numerous Benefits

I became a patient under duress after my wife scheduled an appointment. However, I have continued care for two years due to the positive results. Pain and recovery time from outdoor activities such as hiking are greatly reduced. Dr. Jessica is a smart personable concerned professional who is able to interact with a variety of patients. Sure the treatment can hurt a little….. hurt a little, gain a lot! -Bill P.

I no longer feel like a 70 year old!

Lisa D.

Lisa D.

I initially came in for my aching back and plantar fasciitis… little did I know that there was much more to chiropractic care then just “fixing my back and making the pain go away.” I have since learned that chiropractic care means taking care of the body as a “whole.” Before seeing Dr. Jessica I suffered from hot flashes and other symptoms associated with being premenopausal. read more»

Dr. Jessica, being so into wellness opened my eyes to how much my premenopausal symptoms can get better in time with regular adjustments and taking care of my body. With proper care through Dr. Jessica I have gotten better and am now on the road to a healthy lifestyle! Since becoming a member of Dr. Jes