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Reviews for Dr. Jessica Paige

What Our Patients Say…

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Dr. Jessica Paige patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

In Health, Dr. Jessica Paige

Finally Provided Improvement

Sharon patient photo


I have had some near-death health issues recently and have not been able to fully recover back to my normal activity level, nor having the full use of my left hand. Traditional medical practices were not providing improvement. Dr. Paige has provided that improvement. Shortly after we began working together, I had major tingling in my hand. I panicked thinking that something had gone wrong. Dr. Paige could only laugh – I was actually having feeling in my hand, something that I had not felt in quite some time!

I have more freedom of movement, have more feeling and use of my left arm and hand, and I am building my strength.

I was referred to Dr. Paige by my dogs’ veterinarian to help my aging pets. At one of the sessions, I started asking questions about my medical issues. I found that I was in need of a partner to improve my health and keep it at the optimum. Dr. Paige has been that partner.

~ Sharon



Keeping Me On The Move

I met Dr Paige on the pickleball court. As I am a senior (71) player who plays too much pickleball my body needs help often. Jessica has been able to keep me playing with ART treatments and has just helped me with my knee replacement surgery come back. I know that she wants me to keep on the move so that she can run me around on the courts.

Thanks for the magic touch!

~ Deana

Excellent Doctoring

Wow, Dr. Paige was fabulous. Because of my physical limitations, she had to adjust me sitting up, and still, it was the most gentle adjustment I have ever had, very effective. She listens well and…….. the first visit and I am truly impressed, especially with her skills of tailoring the work and adjustment to my needs. Excellent doctoring services and I am looking forward to continuing to be ministered by her.

~Sandy D.

Smiling man


Appreciates Active Recovery Methods

About a month ago, I came into Dr. Paige’s office with hip flexor and knee pain on my right side. I had a heavy training schedule with running my first marathon and 50k within a month of each other. I saw Dr. Paige speak at a local event and thought that she would be a great fit for helping me recover. I’ve been pleased with the program that she has me on and her thoroughness during each session. We’ve been working on strength training and slowly adding back in the miles. I like that Dr. Paige comes from an athletic point of view and is a believer of active recovery methods. As a runner, I appreciate that she encourages me to develop my strength while recovering.


Understands Athletes and How to Treat Them

Man and woman looking at camera


Man receiving trophy at competition


My name is Dean Askanas and I’ve been training and competing in Karate for 43 years. Also in that time I’ve competed extensively in boxing and weightlifting. As a result of the training and competing I’ve accumulated quite a few aches and pains. A few years ago I started getting stiffness in my hips and shoulders. I heard about a treatment called Active Release Therapy. I did some research and came across Dr. Jessica Paige’s name. I started seeing her for treatment on a weekly basis and my shoulder and hip pain have almost disappeared as a result of her treatment. Recently I’ve developed osteoarthritis in both knees. Again I started seeing Dr. Jessica Paige for Active Release Therapy in my knees. I’m glad to say that as a result of beginning treatment with her again, a lot of my knee stiffness is beginning to subside. Dr. Jessica is an athlete herself and she understands what athletes go through and how to help them. She gets my very strong recommendation for helping people with muscle and joint pain.

~Dean A

I Couldn’t Be Happier

Photo of Patient, Joni


There’s no better chiropractor than Dr. Jessica! I began seeing her 8 years ago and would not have survived my back and kidney pain without her knowledge and compassion. The care and concern she provides to her patents is exceptional and she continually strives for ways to improve upon our well-being. The new low-level laser she recently added has helped lighten the dark pigmented skin on my lower calves and I couldn’t be happier. I am fortunate to have met such an intelligent doctor and have her be a part of my wellness team!


Very Caring, Compassionate, and Intelligent



I have been with Dr. Jessica for 3 years now and she has done so much more for me than any medical professional ever has. She TRULY cares about my health and well being. She has tested and brought to light to food allergies that cause me to not feel my best, balanced my nutrients, clears my congestion issues and adjusts me in many ways. I want to share my most recent medical issue and the miraculous treatment Dr. Jessica gave to me. I was suffering with a very odd pain that was literally taking my breath away. It was a stabbing pain under my left shoulder blade about mid-way down my back. I emailed her and she got me in that day. Somehow, I had managed to get a rib out of place and she pretty much knew that right away. I begged her to help me, I was in so much pain that a simple task of twisting to just wipe my bum was such a challenge and breathing was painful as well. She first used her Erchonia low level laser to bring down some of the inflammation, then she adjusted with her activator, did some ART and I felt the release right away. (I hear it too) I was so relieved after that first visit it, was amazing. At my next appointment I mentioned that I felt better but had a little residual pain in the area, so she lasered me again and I was 100% free of pain right then. Seriously 100% no pain at all. No words can express the gratitude I have for such a caring, compassionate, and intelligent doctor, but what I can say is that whether I have a stuffy nose, or a rib out of place, Dr. Jessica Paige is my first call, and she is all I ever need. With all my heart, I thank you Dr. Paige for making me a better person in so many ways. ~Kricket

Felt Better After The 1st Visit

Dr Paige was great in explaining everything. Her philosophy of treating the whole body and not just the symptoms is exactly what I was looking for. The technology she uses to assess people is pretty amazing, and completely noninvasive. I felt better after just the 1st visit! ~Maureen N.

Thoughtful And Individualized Care

Photo of patient Grant C.

Grant C.

As a long-term chiropractic patient, I came to Dr. Paige several years ago after leaving a “crack’em and move on” doctor. Thoughtful individualized care was so much better. Many years in law enforcement left my lower back a mess due to the gun belt. Now in retirement, I still benefit from my weekly sessions. A few weeks ago I came in and had a brace on my right wrist. I had been doing yard work and strained a tendon. A trip to my general medical clinic had me in the brace with no using my wrist, but still in pain. Dr. Paige then worked on me and began Active Release Treatment and my wrist felt so much better after the first visit. After just two visits, I was at 90% better. The best part was I only missed one day golfing with my group! ~ Grant C.

I Healed So Quickly



I came to Dr Paige after breaking my clavicle and three ribs in a cycling accident. As an avid cyclist, taking time off the bike means losing fitness. With this in mind, I went to Dr. Paige in hopes of accelerating my healing, but also maintaining fitness while healing. Dr Paige’s ART enabled both objectives. I was back on my bike in 5 ½ weeks, but just as importantly, I was riding a spin bike the week after the accident. Her technique and advice were invaluable in helping me heal. I healed so quickly, I was accused of having Wolverine Blood. I contend, it’s all Dr Paige and her ART…it gives you Wolverine Blood! ~ Brian

Dr. Paige Changed My Mind About Chiropractic Care

Bobbie E.

Bobbie E.

Before I started working for Dr. Paige, I swore I would never step foot in a chiropractor’s office again! I went to an event with my friend at a chiropractor’s office back in 2014, and I won a free massage. I was so excited that I won and could not wait until the day of my massage. The day of the massage came – I remember the therapist massaging deeply into my back. After enduring this for about 15 minutes, I finally spoke up and asked her not to press so hard, that it was hurting me. She didn’t listen and continued the deep tissue massage. The following days, I was really dizzy, nauseated, and my back hurt so bad. These feelings lasted throughout the day, and I had to call in sick to work. Even though she was not the chiropractor, I swore I would never go back to one again. I started getting monthly migraines around the time I turned 32. I usually got them 1-4 times a month. Since I started getting adjustments in December, my migraines have reduced to one time a month, sometimes two, but I have noticed a reduction. For those of you who get migraines, you know that it can be life altering. I would stay in bed for days at a time when the migraines would come on. In addition to the migraines, there would be nausea and dizziness. These symptoms have reduced as well. As a teenager, I was in multiple car accidents which lead to head traumas, but I was never treated for it. If I went to the doctor, I was given a quick look over and told I was fine. I had no idea that those accidents could have an affect on me later in life. As an adult I have had headaches, dizziness, stiffness in my neck, and my upper back was tight. Since I started receiving adjustments, these symptoms have reduced dramatically. As an active runner, it’s important to stay healthy, and take care of your body. Part of my wellness plan now includes adjustments which I never thought I would say. Had I known chiropractic care would help, I would’ve started sooner! I choose Dr. Paige because she is thorough, she listens, is positive, and is committed to finding solutions in a healthy way. ~Bobbie E.

Thank You Dr. Jessica Paige!!!

Rosa G.

Rosa G.

When I first came with Dr. Jessica, I was in pain of many parts of my body. I couldn’t walk well, it was hard for me to stand up, it was hard for me to move as one person normally does. I was afraid the treatment was going to hurt and I also thought it wouldn’t work. I was getting used to live in pain. I felt that was the way I was going to live the rest of my life. My sons and loved ones convinced me to get the chiropractic care I needed, and with doubts and fear I went to the doctor’s office and started the adjustments with Dr. Jessica Paige. I felt very different since the first adjustment. Almost immediately the pain wasn’t that strong any more. As time passed, I could move easily, I felt better, more energetic, and happier, I felt able again to do things I wasn’t doing because of the pain. One of my daughter’s-in-law recommended me Dr. Jessica. She has been a patient for several years, and she told me Dr. Jessica is a great doctor. I can see that now. Dr. Jessica is very nice, kind, and cares about people. She is sensitive to our needs. I felt very well taken care of. I strongly recommend Dr. Jessica. I appreciate everything she has done to help me get rid of the pain. She is the best! ~Rosa G.

Great and Customized Treatment

I have been a proud patient of Dr Jessica Paige for nearly five years. Dr. Jessica has provided my infant daughter and I with a variety of treatments, advice, and support–and she’s done it all with a smile. Dr Jessica and her staff are the best! I never received such great and customized treatment at other chiropractors. I look forward to my appointments and will remain a patient indefinitely. Thanks, Dr Jessica and staff. ~Scott L.

Getting The Right Treatment Has Changed My Life

Ivalo Testimonial

Ivalo L.

I had terrible pain in my neck and back due to a car accident I was in last year, and getting the right treatment has changed my life. My husband and his family have been going to Dr. Jessica’s office for years, and after the accident they recommended her to me. Jessica has done an amazing job helping me feel better with regular chiropractic visits. I really enjoy getting the adjustments not only because of the relief of pain, but also because she makes me feel comfortable and in good hands. ~Ivalo L.

Stellar Immune System


Lauren D. Has a stellar immune system.

I came to Dr. Jessica in July 2016 with acute back pain. At 61, I thought it was normal that I could barely move. I chose Dr. Jessica because she works holistically with the whole musculoskeletal system. Since starting a Wellness Plan in July, my hips/gait are the straightest in 20+ years, my back pain is gone, range of motion in my neck is almost perfect, and best yet, my immune system is stellar: I have COPD and all around me are falling to the chest crud, yet in spite of close contact and care taking I remain healthy, and energized. ~Lauren D.

I Have a Doctor I Can Trust

Dr. Paige has, through Chiropractic care and ART, fixed chronic pain in my shoulder, relieved nerve related pain from a work injury, managed acute muscle pain. My sports and work related ailments have been reliably treated, and I have experienced true rehabilitation, as well as renewed energy, and better sleep. I have a doctor I can trust. I have started sleeping reliably and no longer suffer from the pain caused by old, chronic sports injuries. I am a better, more active person because of Dr. Paige’s care. Dr. Paige listens to me. Her office is a very welcoming place. Most of all the care I receive at Dr. Paige’s office works. My results are real. I wish Dr. Paige was a Dentist too! ~James S.

Freed of the Chronic Pain

Ariana T.

Ariana T.

For the last year and a half, I had been dealing with chronic ear pain and headaches with no resolve. I had been to several specialists who all told me there was nothing wrong with my ears after being put on many strong medications which only caused more pain. The last diagnosis I received was that I may have TMJ, and they could offer me classes on management as they don’t actually treat it. After researching online, I found that dentists can diagnose TMJ and made an appointment for checkup. Interestingly enough, the dentist told me that chiropractors treat TMJ. I immediately called Dr. Jessica’s office to make an appointment. On my first visit, Dr. Jessica was instantly able to relieve some of the pain and pressure I was feeling. She gave me some daily exercises to do in between appointments, which I followed precisely, and the results were amazing. After a few short weeks, I was freed of the chronic pain and have felt a big difference in my daily life because of it. I only wish I had known about chiropractic care as an option sooner! I am not usually one to go to the doctor for anything unless absolutely necessary since most doctors remedy your ailments with medications, but chiropractic care offers an alternative to healing that is more attuned to my needs as a patient. I used to see Dr. Jessica when I was in high school, and she really helped me then, and I knew she’d be able to help me now! ~Ariana T.

Can Enjoy An Active Lifestyle


Kathleen A. enjoys an active lifestyle

“It was by chance, I became Dr. Jessica’s patient back in October 2014. I was ailing with tennis elbow, and my taking care of it just was not working. I had never heard of Active Release Therapy (ART) until my workout coach mentioned it. I did a search on the Internet and found Dr. Jessica’s website. She was ART certified and close to my home. And so our Doctor / Patient relationship was established. With my commitment to my bi-monthly spinal adjustments and occasional need for ART ensures I am at my best in wellness and can enjoy an active life style. I choose care at this office because of Dr. Jessica’s enthusiasm and dedication to her profession, as well as her taking time in getting to know you on a personal level. ~Kathleen A.