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Meet the San Jose Chiropractic Team

Anissa Noteboom; Chiropractic Assistant

Anissa Noteboom

Anissa Noteboom

My name is Anissa Noteboom. I was born and raised in Southern California,my family and I moved to Silicon Valley in 2000 and we absolutely love it here. We have four children, one grand daughter, and a pooch named Charlie.

I first met Dr. Jessica Paige when I hurt my back while working out at an MMA gym. Since then she has helped me with other issues, such as my sensitivity to wheat and other foods that were making me sick. From that experience, I have found a new passion for making gluten free, paleo, baked goods and snacks.

I am a hula dancer, and have been dancing hula for about 16 years. I traveled all over eastern Europe in 2016 participating in international dance festivals, including Croatia, Romania, Germany, and Slovenia. I enjoyed making new friends from all over the world while traveling, even though we could not speak the same language, we shared the love of dance and creativity. I am currently training for upcoming hula competitions this summer and fall. I also enjoy kickboxing, jui-jitsu and krav maga, though I am currently on a break from that to focus on dancing.

Josh Summers; Outreach Administrator

Joshua Summers

Joshua Summers

The three things in life that keep me going are my family, travelling, and sports. I am the oldest of eight children, and am proud of every one of them. I am also blessed to still see my closest childhood friends regularly. I am a married man — I met my wife in college while she was studying abroad from her home country, Denmark. My wife and I are well traveled, and will continue to explore the world. Whether it includes hiking to see a view, or experiencing a new city and culture, we’ll go just about anywhere. When it comes to sports, aside from rooting for my teams, I am completely addicted to statistics and compete daily in fantasy sports with my friends.

Dawn; Billing Coordinator

Chiropractic Assistant, Dawn

Chiropractic Assistant, Dawn

My name is Dawn! I have been working at the chiropractic office for 7 years now and I truly enjoy being able to help everyone. You will find me running around the office making sure your experience at the office runs smoothly. Please do not hesitate to ask me questions because I want to make sure you understand everything and have a great customer service experience!

Just to tell you a little about myself…

I’ve played soccer since I was 5 years old. I played on Olympic Development and State Teams. Played throughout high school and a little in college and I am currently still getting my kicks in when I can. I think back to when I started playing soccer and I wish I had known about chiropractic care. I have been under chiropractic care for over a year now and it is amazing how much better I feel. I came in with neck pain, back pain, headaches, and wrist pain. Now that I have been seeing Dr. Jessica on a regular basis, I no longer have the discomforts that I once had. Chiropractic care especially helps when I start to feel that cold coming on. I go get adjusted, take my immune support and drink my water and then I’m on my way to a healthier me. Chiropractic Care is AMAZING!

Dawn - Napa Half Marathon

Dawn at the Napa Half Marathon

Dawn at the Napa Triatholon

Dawn during the Napa Triatholon

Copa, Our Mascot!

I am a very friendly dog who loves people and even more so loves kids! I like to hang out in the front room and greet people as they come in the door. Please let the office staff know if you do not like dogs and I will gladly go into my office for some quite time.

Copa, our office dog at Dr. Jessica Paige

Copa relaxing

Office dog, Copa

Copa the office dog

Copa and Christmas Lights

Copa decorating for the holidays

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